About Us

Formerly business executives, we established the original Bed and Broccoli on an old dairy farm as a way to invite others to experience our lifestyle and help fund the rescue of spent farm animals otherwise destined for slaughter. Due to the growth of our business we re-located to Elphinstone, which offers guests more room to connect with nature, and this time decided the accommodation would be a renovated old barn.

Our philosophy is simple; live cruelty-free, eat no fear and enjoy an amazing range of delicious food that is easy and enjoyable to prepare.

We don’t actively seek animals; they just seem to find us. We chose a vegan lifestyle out of love for animals but along the way we were also amazed to discover the incredible variety, simplicity, fullness and healthiness of the foods available.

Our aim is to inspire you while discovering the joys of becoming part of the gentle and respectful vegan world. Living vegan fills you with an incredible passion for sharing the joys of a happy, healthy & ethical life.

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