Chocolate rush vegan slice

Chocolate Rush

Chocolate Rush
Recipe type: Cakes, Biscuits & Slices
  • 250g packet of Chocolate Ripple biscuits
  • 320g can condensed coconut milk
  • 100g block of Sweet William chocolate
  • 1 cup of small blend fruit & nut
  • Shredded coconut to decorate
  1. Place biscuits through a food processor to turn into fine crumbs
  2. In a large bowl, place the condensed milk & chocolate. Microwave for about 1 minute until chocolate has melted & combined. Stir once or twice during this process
  3. Add biscuit crumbs & fruit & nut. Mix to combine
  4. Spread mixture into a lined slice tray evenly & sprinkle with shredded coconut
  5. Refrigerate until set. Cut into bite-sized pieces & keep in a seal container in the fridge


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