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Vegan Ice Cream Slice

Vegan Ice Cream Slice
Recipe type: Desserts
  • 1 x 400ml in of Ayam coconut cream AND 1 x 270ml tin of Ayam coconut cream (or something of equal quality and kept in the fridge overnight. Do not shake the tins.)
  • 320g sweet condensed coconut milk
  • 10 Arnotts Nice biscuits (see notes)
  • 6-8 Choc ripple biscuits crushed/broken into pieces (see notes)
  1. Scoop the cream from the cans & discard the liquid at the bottom. This should give you around 600ml of thickened cream
  2. Using electric beaters, combine the cream and condensed milk
  3. Stir through crushed choc ripple biscuits (or filling of your choice)
  4. Layer Nice biscuits in container/tray. Pour over cream mixture and place another biscuit layer on top. Freeze overnight
  5. To serve, turn upside down and slice down the sides of the biscuits
The quantities of biscuits you use can vary as you can make the slices as thick or thin as you wish, depending on the dish you use (I use a thin deep dish but you could use a small shallow tray - which might be wise as it's very rich!)

What you add to the mix is entirely up to you. I added chocolate ripple biscuites but fresh blueberries or choc chips would be nice too!

You can line the tin with baking paper that hangs over the edges to help remove it, or just warm the tin with your hands to loosen.


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