Sticky cauliflower

Sticky Cauliflower & String Beans

Sticky Cauliflower & String Beans
Recipe type: Mains
  • 1 small to medium cauliflower, broken into florets
  • Approx. ½ cup of cornflour
  • Vegetable oil to shallow fry
  • 2 tsp crushed garlic
  • 1 tbs chopped ginger
  • 2 tbs maple syrup
  • 2 tbs soy sauce
  • 2 tbs tomato sauce
  • 1 tsp hot chilli sauce (or to taste)
  • Approx. 400g – 500g of string beans, chopped
  • ¾ cup of vegetable stock
  1. Heat oil in a large wok
  2. Toss cauliflower through the cornflour & fry until golden. Drain on paper towel & place to one side
  3. Drain the majority of the oil, leaving only a couple of tablespoons
  4. Add garlic, ginger, maple syrup, soy sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, stock & string beans. Stir for a few minutes to heat up beans (don’t overcook, you want them to be crunchy)
  5. Add cauliflower & toss through until well coated & the sauce has thickened
  6. Serve with rice


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