Red Box Wildlife Shelter


As well as being Australia’s first all-vegan bed and breakfast, Bed & Broccoli is home to Redbox Wildlife Shelter.

This is the final home for all animals that find their way here. Like all homes filled with love they are offered the same health care, food and shelter as a human would and that takes money. The B&B was created to fund these obligations we have as guardians to them and to ensure the home they are offered is where they live out their days naturally & fear free.

Although self funded we always appreciate the kindness of others when ARK’s (Acts of Random Kindness) are bestowed upon us via direct debit to our veterinary account. If you feel you would like to help out, the details are:

Castlemaine Veterinary Clinic

Ph: (03) 5470 6300 to speak to accounts

Our client number is C912576 (it is very important to include this)

Account Number: 12078357

BSB: 313-140

Account Name: Berkwill Pty Ltd

Reference: Bed and Broccoli

Alternatively, you could purchase some Bed & Broccoli wine which has been arranged so that 100% of the profits go again, directly to our veterinary account.
Just click on this link:

As you can see, we are not personally seeking money for us but for the animals. It is & always will be, about the animals.

We thank you. The animals thank you!

Elpho Info – Wildlife Whispers

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Bed and Broccoli visit by ABC Central Victoria


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