Meet some of our resident family here at Bed & Broccoli.

This is the final home for all animals that find their way here. Like all homes filled with love they are offered the same health care, food and shelter as a human would and that takes money. The B&B was created to fund these obligations we have as guardians to them and to ensure the home they are offered is where they live out their days naturally & fear free.

Although self funded we always appreciate the kindness of others when ARK’s (Acts of Random Kindness) are bestowed upon us via direct debit to our veterinary account. If you feel you would like to help out, the details are:

Castlemaine Veterinary Clinic

Ph: (03) 5470 6300 to speak to accounts

Our client number is C912576 (it is very important to include this)

Account Number: 12078357

BSB: 313-140

Account Name: Berkwill Pty Ltd

Reference: Bed and Broccoli

Alternatively, you could purchase some Bed & Broccoli wine which has been arranged so that 100% of the profits go again, directly to our veterinary account.
Just click on this link:

As you can see, we are not personally seeking money for us but for the animals. It is & always will be, about the animals.

We thank you. The animals thank you!
(Not all residents are listed on this page but it is updated from time to time).

Shrimp (or Dinks), R.I.P. 12th September 2013
Otherwise known by her nicknames; “Dinks” or “Dinky”. This little lady is Scott’s constant companion and absolutely LOVES people. She loves to follow them around, chats non-stops & enjoys a lap nap in the sun if given the opportunity. An ex-factory farmed hen, she has a badly burnt off beak which leaves her with a hole, rather than a tip to pick things up with. Corn is easy for her to pick up & because of this it is by far her favourite food. She is a little lady with a big personality! You cannot help but fall in love with her. Always do a double-check of your car before closing doors. She likes to get into cars & have a look around.

Visit Miss Dink’s Tribute page and leave your comments.

Squirty, R.I.P. 30th May 2015
Twelve to thirteen years old Squirty came to us after life as a dairy cow.  She was understandably a little cranky but it didn’t take long for her to show us her sweet & gentle nature. Being unfamiliar with treats, it was nearly 18 months before she would accept a piece of apple or carrot. Now she can spot them at 50 paces.

Having been denied the use of her natural maternal instincts, the arrival of Frankie & Pacific, one week old “bobby calves” was an absolute thrill for her. As I hand reared these precious boys, she watched over them through a fence never going far. The gate separating the two paddocks was opened about a week later. She couldn’t get in fast enough. Her body language saying; “Get out of my way. This is how it is done.” She took over as their mother immediately. My only role (sadly) was to bottle feed the boys. Cleaning them & protecting them was her role & something she relished. She is still their surrogate mother today. They tower over her & most days annoy her like naughty teenagers. 500 kilo teenagers! She seems to shrug & wander off with more patience than any human.

She does have a gentleman caller that escapes his paddock from down the road occasionally & comes to visit. She struts her stuff along the fence line at her admirer until he is eventually taken home. Blowing moo-moo kisses all the way…

A gentle Wolfhound X, he was found by hikers tied to a tree in a shocking condition. Taken to Coldstream Animal Aid he was treated and put up for adoption. When his photo appeared in the local paper, I (Nikki) fell in love with him. Already having 2 dogs, I cut his picture out & placed it strategically around the house in locations Scott would find it. After about a week of his photo turning up in lunch boxes, on pillows, stuck to computer screens etc we went & adopted him.

At first he was scared of all males but is now a happy & well adjusted boy . He loves his blanket in winter & swimming in the dam in summer. He is so kind, he will allow the chickens to share his kennel with him on cold and rainy days. Sometimes to his own detriment. He can occasionally been found standing outside his kennel looking in knowing there is now no room for him.

This beautiful boy arrived in April 2011 & was about 1 week old. Destined for veal, he was offered to us by a local farmer. There was no hesitation at this end. And so began the task of raising this little boy for his mother. Cold mornings of making up formula, bottle feeding & keeping him warm (along with his brother Pacific) with an abundance of hay in their shed to snuggle down in was a twice/three time daily necessity. One of my fondest memories is rugging up & curling up next to him (& Pacific) after their feed as they would drift off to sleep.

Frankie has a very curious and ‘bull at a gate’ personality. His is our naughty boy that we love dearly. He tips over feed troughs then runs off bucking & snorting. Obviously finding it hysterical! We have since had to place a soccer ball in the paddocks for him. He is bossy & will always weigh up who might get a little more food than him & promptly take over that meal. He has been called Mr Bojangles because of his fancy paddock footwork & it’s a very apt description.

A dog that once found himself homeless in a shelter now has his own postcard. Mr Personality!  Takes him about 5 minutes to win guests over and therefore manages to secure ball throwing & belly rubs pretty much for the hours of natural light.

Although a vegan, we suspect he has an ‘arrangement’ with the hens where he sub-lets his kennel for small blocks during the day in exchange for eggs. Once a hen leaves his kennel he can be seen entering and emerging with an egg gently located between his teeth. Being house proud, he opts to eat these payments out on the lawn.

He is very protective of the hens and runs around  chasing birds of prey when they come onto the property. He alerts us with a few distinctive barks but the real giveaway is him trying to climb trees. Gentle by nature, he has the energy level of a 3 year old on red cordial.

Suffering from small man syndrome, this little dude exudes “Bling” & was named after Hugh Hefner. Apart from baby Rio, he is the smallest of our animal companions but this nuggetty little man is King of yard with his harem of woman. He oversees all the hens with complete dedication & diligence. More often than not going without food to stand guard whilst the hens graze out in the open.

Found abandoned in an outer city children’s playground, it was suspected he was the result of a school hatching program & once he started to crow was possibly dumped. He was living with a loft of pigeons when a kind lady noticed him. His story was posted on facebook and we offered him a home. From there his kind guardian angel caught him & three days later this little man took a 3 hour car journey to arrive here with us. Being ‘street wise’ gives him the confidence to frighten our three other roosters that are three times his size. When chasing the other roosters you can almost hear the Benny Hill tune as his little legs go flat out. His lungs defy his size.

With a beautiful neck scarf she needed a stylish name. She is best friends with Olivia that has similar markings, just a little darker. Jackie-O is quite the ‘jumper’ when you have food in your hand and when eating out of your hand is very gentle. Being a fashion icon, she takes a great deal of pride in her appearance by preening for a large portion of the day & takes regular dust baths


Lady Oreo
Lady Oreo started her life as a ‘prize’ to a Primary School. Confused and scared by children chasing her her health deteriorated rapidly until a kind teacher took pity on her. Taken to the vet for medical treatment and taken home to feel loved we were contacted and asked if we could offer her a home in the country.

It was an easy ‘yes’.

Lady Oreo reminds me of a haughty aristocrat by the way she struts around the yard. Being so pretty she teases the boys and seems happy with the company of 6 little rescued hens that arrived the same day as her. Whilst these new arrivals perch in the barn, Lady Oreo fancies the bike up the back of the barn. Those handle bars make a flash perch …unlike that fallen branch the others use! Last to come inside for the night, she hears her name & those long legs come running.

rescue hen Snow White

Snow White

Snow White, or simply Snow for short arrived in August 2016 after being rescued from the back of a truck waiting for an abattoir to open. Her flesh was as white as a sheet & she was weak from lack of food. After a few days of inside living & with some medications to help her body heal she was one of the first of this rescued bunch to bravely step outside of the main coop & into the house yard to join the regular flock. Her feathers have darkened & she is a confident hen that has found her place in the pecking order.


Gillian was rescued from intensive factory farming by Tamara Kenneally. She has settled in well to her days of foraging & dust bathing.

8 Responses to Residents

  1. maxienne Tritton-Young September 16, 2013 at 9:03 am #

    I was so sorry to hear about your beloved little hen take care and keep up the good work you sound like good people

    • Nikki September 16, 2013 at 9:35 am #

      Thank you Maxienne xx

  2. Valentina April 3, 2014 at 9:19 pm #

    You are beautiful humans. I really hope I can visit one day – your B&B looks amazing!!!

    • Nikki April 4, 2014 at 6:30 am #

      We really hope you can visit too one day Valentina 🙂
      Nikki xx

  3. Veronica May 15, 2014 at 1:29 pm #

    What a lovely place you have. I’d love to visit one day from Qld!! Great job you’re doing with your rescue animals. I’m so glad there are people out there like you to love and care for them. My ultimate goal is to have an animal rescue sanctuary in Qld for ex-racehorses, ex-greyhound racers and factory farm animals. You are my inspiration!! Thank-you for your lovely commentary of these majestic creatures. I fell in love with every since one of them 🙂 <3

    • Nikki May 16, 2014 at 7:31 am #

      Thank you Veronica. They are very lovable ….. so your reaction is understandable 🙂
      I see you surrounded with many beautiful & powerful horses. Dreams are merely the blueprint to what is already being created
      Nikki xx

  4. Elizabeth March 13, 2016 at 12:27 pm #

    Hi guys,
    I want to switch my dogs to vegan food but am really worried about getting the nutrition right.
    I have a fox terrier aged 8, a ridgeback x lab aged 7, and our foster girl wolfhound x something aged 8.

    Buying and cutting up meat for them upsets me every day – can you let me know what you feed your dogs?

    many thanks


    • Nikki March 15, 2016 at 6:46 am #

      Hi Elizabeth,
      The dogs dry food is in my book but also in an album on the B&B facebook page.
      The wet food is a little more complicated because it changes weekly.
      Currently I am cooking a lot more sweet potato, broccoli & cauliflower for the dogs & adding Omega 3 oils to their food also. (Chaz has just been diagnosed with arthritis). I use brown rice & a soup mix as a base along with flaxseed & nutritional yeast flakes but as I said, it changes weekly to include our meal left overs etc so they get a variety.
      I also like to add turmeric to their food.
      Sorry I can’t be of more help. I’m just not confident advising others on what to feed their dogs as, like humans, they can have allergies etc.
      To begin with, ask your vet. That is where we started 🙂
      Nikki x

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